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Halla (Greet in Swedish) Friends


Truly truly believe in !!!!!!Take it Easy!!!BE HUMOROUS friends life is already doing its job by testing us every bit of time,on that note humor or a humorous person both can be a Savior…!!!!

The best medicine to reduce the pessimism from the life or to lighten the stressful atmosphere, is Humor only,thats too, when it is taken or given in a positive way.Being humorous is alwayz an add on quality for anyone,it become a little easier for a humorous person
than a reserved and a serious kind of a person,to quickly gel up with a particular group or a person ,with their prompt sense of humor.Their smart way of communication is able to change any kind of an unpleasant or embarrassing situation in a realxed one.

Although not everyone is blessed with such an outstanding sense of humor.When sense of humor cards played negatively it bring disasters too ,many people use their quality to hurt someone ,to humiliate or degrade someone.This sad reality of humor is killing the crux of being humorous.

So guys don’t be sad if your not sailing in the boat of good sense of humor ,be a witty receiver of it,be smart enough to enjoy the laughter part of humor to the fullest and be wise enough to ignore the dark side of it ,it shouldn’t affect the bliss of your happiness in any way!!!!!!!!!!

Be Humorous it is the demand of a beautiful easy cheesy life.



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