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Before commencing my write up, I would like to invite you all you to share your views on, when you first read the title “Being Independent”, what comes in your mind .I would like to share my view whenever I come across anything related to independence,face of woman comes in my mind as very first sight,and i feel sad about it,beacause still in our society a certain group of woman in certain part of our country,see their freedom of thinking,freedom of working or freedom of talking at the second priority.I feel standing in the support of yourself firmly is the basic thing anybody can learn before learning any other skill. Being Independent can add more layers to your happy life.
When you need not to look up to someone else for the approval for your decisions.Listen your voice inside yourself rather than asking for advice with others.

The most common dream chased in a life by almost every kid out there for sure is “A Feel Of Being Independent”.However, I feel ,as a kid we were more independent in expressing ourselves in front of anyone fearlessly , as we become older we cover ourselves beneath the shell of countless uninvited fears,like fear of rejection,fear of being left out,fear of failure,fear of being misunderstood or misjudged,and to be on safer side we prefer choose to be blind sheep rather than independent.

It is the time to save yourself for the sake of your happiness ,one need to learn how to take the best decisions that favor us to live the lives the way we want to.Shaping your personality into an independent person can be one of the most justifiable outcomes we can aspire for ourselves.

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