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Bonjour (greet in French) Friends

DAY 4 : Detach From Ego

“Quitting The Ego Empowers Your Best Self”

To live a peaceful life Detachment from some vicious attributes is as equally demanded as the addition of some ‘Must Have’ traits.The most darkest enemy of one,s life is Ego ,it tapers the wisdom and knowledge later drive you to the just opposite direction. it enriches your persona with countless negativities like jealousy,dishonesty,lie etc.It won’t let you grow anywhere whether it is any relationship,at your workplace,at your home ,in your neighborhood nowhere. to set yourself free from the false world of SELF one need to practise some core tips to dwell in the blissness of life and protects the shine of a happy life…..

*Bring on Let it go attitude ,dont take any harsh feeling/words too seroius for very long,even though it hurts you much deep down, for the sake of your positivity wise step is to save your enerygy and let it go.Remember nothing is permanant in this world nor this harsh moment.

*Get out of your own head so stop continuously thinking about your own identity,what you think you are.

*Come out of image conscious game by being honest with the call of time and need of job,stop impressing all the time.

*Don’t compare! Everyone has different taste ,different life,and different dreams , comparision kills from inside,it resist you from enjoying all those things ,you are blessed.

“Detachment from ego guides the person to stripped away many related negativity and makes the life shiner.”

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8 thoughts on “#BlogchatterA2Z Detach From Ego”

  1. By the way greeting your readers in different languages making an interesting start..and unique style too..,keep on writing my friend…we are loving it.

  2. Well penned Archu…you touched a crucial & important topic. Agree that to live a peaceful life it’s required to be away from our false ego. And in our day today life we are fighting with this enemy at various places like home, workplace etc but sometimes we win and sometimes we loose too..not sure if possible to detach completely but at least as mentioned by you let’s give a best try.

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