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A2Z Of Bollywood!! A- AMIRAN

Welcome to the month of April my Readers and here I am with my first blogpost for A2Z challenge, as I have mentioned in my theme reveal here, that I will bring some famous exemplars from Bollywood mainly or any web series, whose character still roars either in their fraternity or in our mind or both. So join me in the A2Z of Bollywood journey and heading forward with my first character from the famous Bollywood movie Umrao Jaan (1981) A for AMIRAN.

Remember the iconic song In aankhon ki masti ke, mastane hazaron hai x2, In ankhon se vabasta afsane hazaron hai x2

Yes, you got the gist I am talking about the graceful, gorgeous courtesan who made a million hearts melt with her tragic tale. Umrao Jaan aka AMIRAN

Umrao Jaan aka AMIRAN
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Movie Umrao Jaan was released in 1981 and the character emoted by the brilliant artist Rekha on the silver screen. I know many of us were not even born at that time, but do you think iconic characters can limit their rays of shine under a particular year or date or decade? A big NO, I am sure you all will be agree on this. When I learned about this girl and her story from my mom for the very first time, I can’t resist myself watching the movie, and believe me the story and character both left me awestruck, the beauty and the acting skill of Rekha made me speechless.

Amiran was a small-town girl, abducted from the city Faizabad (earlier known as Bangla also) by some neighbor men due to old enmity while playing outside of her home with her younger brother and sold to Khanum Jaan, who runs a brothel where young girls were trained to become a courtesan in Lucknow City. Here Amiran’s family tried their best to find the beloved daughter, but destiny had some bitter truth to serve them by living without their daughter, as time passes Amiran grew up in a very beautiful, charming lady with the name of Umrao Jaan.

My Thoughts :-

1). Umrao Jaan’s character and her unfulfilled wishes and dreams reflect the chaos and dilemma of every girl out there who become the victim of prostitution either by will or by force. The pain in the eyes of Umrao Jaan shook me. My heart goes out for all those girls, small kids who brutally pushed into this profession by some ruthless entities of our society or sometimes because of parent’s slight carelessness, which results in abduction, such innocent souls are enforced to leave their childhood, dreams, happiness in midway just to proceed in the dark world.

2). Secondly, as a girl, the dreams that Umrao carried throughout the life in her eyes i.e. a hunt of true love, though her life was repressed with love by her clients, still love embedded with true promises and respect always lacked, where her childhood friends Ram bae and Hussaina were settled in their life in spite of being the victim of the similar situation their destiny met with their true love, unlike Umrao.

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3). After many heartbreaks, Umrao Jaan made all efforts to reach her family in Faizabad where her mother and brother lived, but there also cruel destiny and her profession played their dirty game once again and she got rejected by her own family on the ground of prostitution connection.

This is all about a girl Amiran’s Journey to become a courtesan Umrao Jaan who sings well, dances well on the cost of her broken dreams for other’s amusement.

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Tomorrow I will be back with another iconic Bollywood character, until, those who haven’t yet watched the movie Umrao Jaan (1981) do watch it’s a treat for the eyes in this Lockdown period, please leave with your feedback in the comment section and a promise to be back tomorrow, and yes if you like it don’t forget to share.

See You, tomorrow guys, till then

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28 thoughts on “A girl from Faizabad to Lucknow “AMIRAN” #A2ZofBollywood”

  1. It saddens me deeply to think about the fate of such girls. Hopefully, we’ll be able to save every last of them from their cruel fate. She is quite the character indeed.

  2. I am a big bolllywood fan and your theme sounds so much fun. This movie is a classic and the music is one of my all time favorite. Looking forward to your posts 🙂

  3. Beautiful post Archana… I have seen the movie and I am sure that there will be many girls like Amiram even today..one cannot even imagine what they would have to go through…
    Looking forward to reading your tomorrow’s post

  4. Your post left me deeply pondering about the streets of Kolkata and Mumbai even today where many such girls live a life beyond their choice. Very disturbing still. Rekhas eyes mirror that sadness

  5. I remember, I had watched this iconic movie on DD 1 during my childhood days and Rekha was the talk of town because of her amazing acting in this film. being a die hard bollywood fan, your series sounds really exciting to me Archana. looking forward what is coming next!

  6. Your post was a fresh take on the theme. I personally like this theme very much, even I was also planning to write on my fav heroines. Umrao Jaan is an ethnic character, they are everlasting. Loved the way you told her story. Waiting for more.

  7. Noor Anand Chawla

    I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t watched Umrao Jaan! But your thought provoking breakdown of it makes me want to watch it for sure!

  8. Nice thought and writing. I have seen some documentary where I found the police is also involved they knew the abductor but have their share. By changes in laws only we can stop this.

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