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Only the thought of writing something on another everlasting prominent character from Bollywood a dulcet tone ” Dabe dabe paaon see aaye haule haule zindagi” started to play in my ears, I am pretty sure this character has made his mark in everyone’s heart at least for me it had made? taking to you in the era of ‘70s, remember it is just an era of a movie plot, not a release era. Today I am talking about a man who himself never spoke a single word, here comes a mute boy Murphy (later turned Barfi) from the movie Barfi (2012). Role of Barfi has enacted by the actor Ranbir Kapoor, his stupendous performance etched each and every scene whether there is a tinge of pain, expression of love or hanky panky conducts, he oozes such a continual charm that anyone can fall in love with him. Barfi taught the language of love so silently, whose clatter will last for centuries.


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BARFI is a story of a fun-loving boy, born with the disability of deaf and mute, in the quaint hill station of Darjeeling. parents named him Murphy, a brand of Radio in the ’70s, but he was known as Barfi since whenever, he tries to make his own name with the tied tongue it sounds like BAffiii, people used to call him Barfi only. he believes and dwells in the present moment He was a boy to whom God perhaps forgot to make him perfecto, moreover, his feelings, his honesty, level of sincerity for any relationships were way better than any fit person, always ready with a prank up his sleeve, his charm among the citizen especially ladies was quite evident, few times he himself welcomed the problems with his witty actions. Even though being unable to talk and listen, he reserves to be the talk of the town, Barfi’s story revolves around the two beautiful young ladies, Shruti (beautiful girl made barfi fall in love in first sight) and Jhilmil (autistic girl also his childhood friend). How Barfi’s first love Shruti turned down his proposal as her mother made her understand that Barfi wouldn’t be able to keep her status upright, Barfi suffered the pain of repudiation, sooner met with her childhood friend Jhilmil through the various twist and trials, he becomes the major suspect of Jhilmil kidnapping, which actually planned by her father, eventually how they came together, became the complements of each other movie proceed with all the articulation, in a meanwhile, Barfi again met Shruti who wasn’t happy with her married life, wanted to come back in Barfi’s life but this Barfi wasn’t the same he was all Jhilmil’s only by all his heart and soul.

My Take-Aways:-

1). Very first thing I learned from the movie is people will not spare you any minute in realising how incomplete your life is and how many shortcomings your personality consist of, but if you are determined yourself, be happy in any state, irrespective of consideration what you have and whatnot, trust me nothing can dim the light that shines within.

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2). Second thing what I believe If you are honest for any relationships, then may the destiny fall you apart for any reason, the tinge of your persona will let you met the person at least once in a life, that’s too when life serves you the best of it, so that the person who left you by thinking that you are not worthy enough to be a part of her or his life can feel the real pain of being rejected.

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3). To express your love may the words fall short, but your true feeling enables to make it reach to its destination, only with the condition if you could able to listen to your heart and soul while looking for true love.

4). And last but not the least I live can’t agree more on the perfect message ” You need not have the perfect partner for a perfect Love story two imperfect souls can complete each other, can be perfect for each other, can have a soulful love story also make way more complete, colorful and lively world together, comparatively two complete people make, you know why?Because they forget to remove their EGO bricks in building the castle of Love.

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By wrapping my thoughts herewith, with the promise to be back tomorrow with one more character and its story, that managed to mark its spot in our memories. Please leave with your feedback in the comment section, if you like it don’t forget to share.

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30 thoughts on “Murphy from the movie BARFI #A2ZofBollywood”

  1. It’s such a beautiful movie and Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have essayed their roles so marvelously. It’s a deeply moving film and the character Murphy will capture the heart of anyone who watches the movie.

  2. I loved the way you have written this post for the movie that was liked by all. This line took away my heart “Barfi taught the language of love so silently, whose clatter will last for centuries”. Your choice of words we’re very heart touching. Nice write up 👍👏.

  3. This is one of my favourite Ranbir Kapoor films and what a performance by him and Priyanka. I love your takeaways for these posts. Looking forward to more posts on some amazing characters.

  4. Because they forget to remove their EGO bricks in building the castle of love. This line is heart touching, you have expressed the true form of love in this post so beautifully, that I am reading some part of the post again and again.

  5. I just loved this movie and specially the performance of Ranbir and Priyanka. indeed one of the finest movie of recent era. loving the part of post where you are sharing takeaway from the movie or character. looking forward what is coming next!

  6. Thank you for writing this girl you nailed it and siva loved it because everybody is perfect with their imperfections.😘😜🤗🤗🤗💯💯💯💯💯

  7. That’s a nice little flashback to Barfi.I really like the film as in India we tend to relegate people who are physically or mentally challenged t the background and act as if they don’t exist. And partners need to be dissimilar and imperfect to make a lifelong and interesting partnership I feel. Two same people would make life boring don’t u think? 🙂

  8. Noor Anand Chawla

    One of my favourite films and a lovely post! I especially agree with point 4- about souls connecting in love. How two absolutely unlikely are sometimes just made for each other.

  9. Phenomenal ! Extraordinary! What a emotion stirring write up. What a choice and collection of words expressing every bit of feelings .

    The real spirit of writing lies with the capability of the author to carry along the reader to its own existential arena of thinking .

  10. Ohh I just loooooooove Barfi. And that song? That one with fireflies in night forest, ahhh! Loved to see your selection Archu! Loved your take aways. Waiting for more, eagerly.

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