Third WHEELED Characters Shone Impartially In Theaters #A2ZofBollywood

I can’t believe we reached the Last Week of A2Z Challenge 2020, only 3 letters away from the finishing point. Today I have brought some famous characters from Bollywood movies, who might not play the main lead or protagonist in the movie however they have undoubtedly succeeded in imprinting the marks in the hearts of their audience, just like the main characters or I should say sometime overshadowed them.

Here Third Wheel Character refers to the supporting characters from the movie irrespective of the screen time more or less, their character positively or negatively contributed in leading the story to the climax.

So here comes my list of 9 main Third Wheel Characters from the different movies whom we love them or loathe them, we definitely can not forget them.

1). ADVOCATE GOVIND SHRIVASTAVA FROM DAMINI(1993):- Sunny Deol’s impeccable dialogue delivery uplifted the film to the heights of brilliance. We hardly remember any other dialogue from the movie by anyone, it does not mean the rest of them did not perform well, of course, they too were brilliant nevertheless Advocate Govind Shrivastava shined above all. In fact, both his ‘Dhai Kilo Ka Haath’ and ‘Tareekh Par Tareekh’ dialogue is still using by us as a quip even after two decades.

Sunny Deol As Advocate Govind

2). RAHUL MEHRA FROM DARR(1993):- A violent Psychological Love story Darr was the first movie in my knowledge where antagonists stole the fan base from the protagonist. The audience was in love of a psycho lover Shahrukh Khan’s performance. Even Lead actor Sunny Deol could not comprehend the fact a mere 2 movies old actor could overshadow him lousily.

Shahrukh As Rahul Mehra

3). BHIKU MAHATRE FROM SATYA(1998):- Bhiku Mahatre character has been played by the newcomer of that time Manoj Bajpayee, who made his mark in Bollywood with this character. He got accoladed and appreciated for this character and won the Filmfare Critics Award for the Best Actor and National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor. The main protagonist SATYA was played by the actor J.D.Chakravarthy who definitely did a fabulous job in the movie but the limelight was stolen by the character Bhikhu Mahatre.

Manoj Bajpayee As Bhikhu Mahatre

4). HEMANTBHAI PATEL IN BAGHBAN(2003):-  Paresh Rawal as Hemantbhai Patel had a small role in the movie yet, he catered strong support to the lead characters his waves of laughter and tears has made audiences more connected to this characters after the main leads.

Paresh Rawal As HemantBhai Patel

5). LANGDA TYAGI FROM OMKARA(2006):- Saif Ali Khan played the most wicked character of his career as a Langda Tyagi, as soon as the movie hits the theatre if anything audience remembered after the song “Bidi jalaile jigar se piya” that was only LangaTyagi, assuredly his presence overshadowed the other characters in the movie.

Saif Ali Khan As Langda Tyagi

6). GHAZALA FROM HAIDER(2014):- Ghazala Meer is certainly was the role of the main lead’s mother, Tabu’s remarkable performance captivated the audience. In the movie, Ghazala rebuffed to follow the high-minded idealism of her husband who wants his wife just to be at home and wait for him to return. She is okay to move on from her husband’s death and seeking love again.

Tabu As Ghazala Meer

 7). CHAND NAWAB FROM BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN(2015):-  Chaand Nawab a Pakistani Reporter of movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the role played by actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui,  no doubt a little girl Munni and Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi both were outstandingly bewitched their audiences with their emotional bonding, nonetheless an entry of Chaand Nawab enkindle the Humor in the story for which obviously a share of credit goes to the phenomenal performance of Nawazuddin, who may not overshadow the presence of main lead but equally shared the fandom.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui As Chand Nawab

8). DURGA DEVI(Dadi) FROM BADHAI HO(2018):- Actress Surekha Sikri impressed the audience with her spectacular performance as the grandmother of Ayushmann Khurrana in the movie, for which she also bagged her third National Award as the best actress in Supporting Role. Whatever it is either in a furious future concern mother or a supportive mother in law who stands alone to save her pregnant daughter in law from the disgraceful remarks of the society or with her wittiness the actress plays slayed in every way on the screen. 

Surekha Sikri As Dadi

9). ALLAUDDIN KHILJI FROM PADMAAVAT(2018):- Alauddin Khilji a notorious emperor, the moment when Ranveer Singh took entry on the screen no one from the audience could able to take their eyes off him. The way he emoted the lust, greed, betrayal, ambition all together in his walk and talk Ranveer has certainly carved his name in the list of brilliant actors. If I am not wrong after the SRK’s Darr it was the movie Padmaavat where antagonist’s performance overshadowed protagonist.

Ranveer Singh As Khilji

That is all for today see you tomorrow with another elevating character. Till then have a happy reading, leave with your comments, and promise to be back tomorrow!!

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30 thoughts on “Third WHEELED Characters Shone Impartially In Theaters #A2ZofBollywood”

  1. I am stunned at your keen observations of the supporting cast Archu. Many of them undoubtedly are my fav too. Good to see another movie buff like me in you

  2. I loved the term “”Third wheeled character” sounds really amazing. you had listed all great performances and most of these are so incredible. among all these, Rahul ( Darr, shahrukh khan) is my all time favorite and I had watched this movie so many times during my teen days, just because of him.

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    An interesting take on important supporting roles. I think some of these were actually the best part of the film!

  4. These are some very strong and amazing characters. The success of most of these movies were because of these and they re-iterate the thought that audience does like the content and the acting and would not see movies for the main leads. And of course with artists like Surekha Sikri, she proves age is no bar to be a brilliant artist. Lovely compilation.

  5. I would say these supporting characters or third wheeled are the ones who took the movie ahead. Well researched post with all strong characters who always stayed with us even after the movie.

  6. These are some awesome ‘Third Wheel Characters’ you have enlisted so well. Memorable characters and brilliantly pulled off.

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