when FRIENDSHIP ruled @box office #A2ZofBollywood

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“Yaaron Dosti Badi hi hasin hai, ye na ho to kya fir bolo ye zindagi hai, koi to ho raazdaar, begaraz tera ho yaar”

Start with the humming this dosti song, I believe Friendship is the purest and the strongest bond in the whole Universe. It is not from today, the glory of friendship has outshined brightly for millennia and it is still working its infinite cycle to this day, whether it is Krishna-Sudama, Duryodhana-Karna or Krishna-Arjun, or many others, friendship always ranked higher in one’s life, and yes everyone is not gifted with such blessings, so if you are blessed enough with a true friend treasure it!!!! Indian films have given us friendship goals over the years. My list will become so long for all the movies based on friendship, but it is quite impossible to bring it all, I will save it for other day including my most favorite “Dil Chahta hai”, Rang de basanti and andaz apna apna”, I just noticed Amir khan has done many movies on friendship theme, anyways heading towards my top 5 list.

1). YAARANA (1981)


It is the story of childhood friends Bishan and Kishan played by none other than Amitabh Bachchan and Amzad Khan respectively. Kishan was a good singer lives in village whereas Bishan who studied in abroad and settled in Mumbai,he brings Kishan to city and trained him for professional singer, as his first concert becomes huge success and he reaches the stardom, Bishan loses everything due to betrayal of his maternal uncle, proceeding with Bishan’s death makes Kishan heartbroken and now it is up to Kishan to take revenge, and saves Bishan’s family.

2). SHOLAY (1975)


If you are crazy about Bollywood, you might not be unknown of Jai Veeru’s aura and their strong bonding, with the flavor of sweet nok-jhok. Unparalleled friendship between Jai and Veeru, played by Amitabh  Bachchan and Dharmendra Deol. When Thakur( Sanjeev Kumar)hires these two crooks to deal with a dacoit Gabbar, they risk their lives to protect Ramgarh in which Jai lost his life to save his dear friend Jai.

3). 3 IDIOTS (2009)

The bond of trio Rancho(Amir Khan) Raju( Sharman Joshi) and Farhan (R Madhavan)is so funny and emotional at the same time, watching these 3 different personalities, different choice if careers, yet so connected will make you fall for them again. The honesty and wittiness of their friendship wins our hearts, I can bet you, the hostel life of them will make you nostalgic about your college days and about that one crazy friend who always thought out of the box.



The Munnabhai series denotes the bonding of Murli Prasad Sharma aka Munna (Sanjay Dutt) as a local goon who has helped by his follower and best friend Circuit (Arshad Warsi) in both the series we witnessed Munna’s dependency and trust on Circuit whenever he looks for anything and Circuit is also love to be present for Munna before he ask for anything, he supports Munna in every good and bad.

5). CHILLAR PARTY (2011)


Chillar Party is a light-hearted, funny yet so inspiring movie, based on the friendship of school kids and the kid who is car cleaner Fatka in their society. Movie depicts the fight against a politician of that area for protection of a stray dog Bhidu who is actually a pet dog of Fatka. The film is one of the best film focusing on the friendship of children.

NO takeaways from the above movies, do you think I need to take away anything else, when friendship is itself a language, religion, worship, bond, family, inspiration, motivation, blessing, gift and many more, who understands the meaning and value of friendship, doesn’t need any takeaways , do share atleast one of your favorite movie based on friendship, let’s see how many of us have same taste when it comes to movie. That is all for today see you tomorrow with another everlasting character. Till then have a happy reading, leave with your comments and promise to be back tomorrow!!


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21 thoughts on “when FRIENDSHIP ruled @box office #A2ZofBollywood”

  1. Munnabhai and three Idiots are my favourites. Real friends are the lifeline, Really. Those are blessed who have good friends.

  2. My favorite is three idiots and I really loved the bond share among all friends..indeed friendship is most pure and beautiful relationship and it is always a treat to watch movies on same theme.

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    Friendship is a popular motif in cinema and for good reason- every one loves a good story about friends!

  4. Those are some very amazing movies on friendships. I just had a thought that is there any movie with a boy girl friendship or they all do fall in love eventually. Dil chahta was also a good one. Looking forward to more posts

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