THEME REVEAL A2Z Challenge2020

Namaste Friends,

I can’t believe that A2Z Challenge is, here again, I officially started my journey of blogging with the A2Z challenge 2019, so it’s always going to remain very close to my heart. This time I am trying to be more prepared, as I am well aware of its extensive schedule. It made me think a lot initially, whether to go for this challenge or not? I got many reasons to give up like

A COOK inside me questioned, “To which slot you are going to do injustice breakfast time, lunchtime, brunch time or dinner”?

A MOTHER inside me asked,” Are you going to ignore kids when they are all at home and need more time with you?”

A WIFE inside me interrogated,” have you gone crazy? you know na husband will need a peaceful environment as he will be doing work from home these days and you have to keep kiddos busy”?

And A BLOGGER/WRITER inside me screamed with all its strength and said “Don’t ever dare to think about, “GIVING UP”. Last year in 2019 you plunged into the A2ZChallenge without even given a thought for a minute, without even a theme in mind, holding 4 months baby in arms, and you did it, you completed the challenge within the deadline and you passed out with flying colors, then why too much of thinking this time, when you are, if not much but at least one-year-old experienced one, Come On! Gear Up Girl, JUST GO FOR IT , tell the world that you are in the challenge this year too and reveal your theme.

So, here, about my theme, I am coming with some of the strong, influential woman/man characters from movies, web series or maybe from real-life that marked their spot on not only my heart and mind but of many people around also, and able to bring a big change, on the mindset of our society, by their do’s and don’ts. I will try to bring all the stories for my readers through my 26 posts in 26 days for the whole month of April (SUNDAYS OFF). Till then, you can go through to my first A2Z Challenge 2019, here.

See you all on April 1st, 2020, until then stay safe, stay healthy and happy!!!!!!!!!!!

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23 thoughts on “THEME REVEAL A2Z Challenge2020”

  1. Characters leave us with many memories, sometimes connections. Building a series on it would be awesome. Lovely. Hoping to read about a few of my favorite characters in your A2Z series…Good luck!!

  2. Wow seems you had written my thoughts. you know, i was in same thought process about A2Z this year..and lastly I had decided to do it. loved your theme and all the best for challenge.

  3. Lovely, one of my favorite topics you know! Even it was my very first theme when I was choosing themes for my frst a to z. Ping me if you need any kind of help. Would love to. Eagerly waiting for your posts. Best of luck.

  4. Truly, some fictional characters leave a mark on our souls. Looking forward to reading which ones you were influenced by! Really interesting theme you have here! All the best!

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