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#Decade BlogHop #RRxMM ऐ दशक तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

ऐ दशक तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया Starting with my heartiest Thanks to MANAS and RASHI for bringing this fabulous unique BlogHop Themed “DECADES” for us. I used to write a piece of thought, quite some time, from my school days, anything which I felt to express used to pen it, this habit of writing …

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#BollyExpress BLOGHOP 2019

BACHPAN KE NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTIONS IN BOLLYWOOD STYLE. Starting with the heartiest thanks to Alpana and Pragun two lovely hosts of #BollyExpress Blog hop, for coming up with a great idea of Bollywood Theme and giving us an opportunity to pen down our thoughts in our own style, what else can someone wished for being …

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Treasure The Gift Of CHILD In the era of huge cut-throat competition amidst of express speed of life, with the rushing hours, somewhere and somehow, unfortunately, we as a parent intentionally or unintentionally involved our kids into this meaningless marathon, everyone wants all-rounder kid, because being “HAPPY IN LESS” is not into the trend, some …


#Bharatkazaika Post 2

POST 2-: SATTU POORI AND CHOKHA In wikipedia language, Litti is a staple food of Bihar, and Eastern Uttar Pradesh. It is made of whole wheat flour and stuff with Sattu(Gram flour powder). Best Litties should be cooked in low fire of cow dung cake. The taste of Liiti lies on its stuffed material i.e.: …

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