Book Review: I Live To Love You By Roma Gupta Sinha

Book Name: I Live To Love You

Author: Roma Gupta Sinha

Published By: Blogchatter

Genre: Fiction Romantic Thriller

Format: eBoook

Language: English

Pages: 165

Rating: 4.5/5

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About Book

Book Cover: ‘I Live To Love’ You By Roma Gupta Sinha

To begin with, the Book cover of a romantic thriller, ‘I Live To Love You’ by Roma Gupta Sinha. Undoubtedly the book has an eye-catching image of a loving couple, where a boy is proposing to his ladylove, kneeling down under the moonlight by gifting her ring. Do I need to mention anything else? That’s Right, anyone can easily sense about the tale; Yeah! It is all about love. Below the image, an interrogative text ‘Will, a pure soul, ever succeed in finding her love who vanished seven years ago?’ is enough to drive your curiosity to know where, why, and how the boy gets vanished. A well creatively designed book cover.

The book ‘I Live To Love You‘ is a compilation of 31 chapters. Which is mainly centered around the three characters who were also childhood BFF named Riya, Aradhya, and Shamit. All three buddies know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so well and stand by each other through every thick and thin. Trio passed out from the same school in Pune, a city in India. Gradually grow together and worked hard to reach the heights of their respective careers further. During their school days, Aradhya and Shamit fell in love with each other, Riya came as the rock supporter and witnessed the pure love of her best buddies.

Their lives turned upside down from leading a happily married life, to becoming proud parents, Aradhya and Shamit faced several ups and downs together; suddenly, one day, Shamit got to disappear. Which left Aaradhya in an unknown vacuum; everyone in her family and friends accepted the decision of cruel destiny except Aradhya, who didn’t stop to wait for her love. But, no matter what destiny is going to serve in the future, Riya knows only one way to stand by her friend Aradhya and her notion.

Will true love win in the end? Will Shamit be back for Aradhya? Or is all this just an illusion? To know all, download your copy, enjoy the wonderful read of romantic thriller over a cup of tea!

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About Author

Roma Gupta Sinha has many feathers to her cap; along with being an acclaimed author, she has bagged many awards in her name. In 2015 she won the coveted “Woman Of The Year” Award for writing on Women Empowerment. In 2018 she was awarded the “Planet Pride Award 2018” for her entrepreneurial venture RCA, where she has been grooming from 6-60 years old for the last many years. Recently, another feather is added to Roma’s cap where she conferred ” Sahityakosh Samman 2021″ for her prolific work. Roma is also a brand ambassador of 21st Century Education and strongly advocates learning beyond books. The author has also worked with many renowned firms like Tata Motors, Honda Cars, and IKEA of Sweden in different parts of the world. Romantic thriller I Live To Love You is Roma’s sixth book in a row. Her earlier five published book have already marked their places among the bestseller books on Amazon. Here the list of her previously published books.

Dare To Defy The Destiny – Non- Fiction Anthology 2016

The Fragrance Of True Love – Fiction- Romantic Thriller 2017

Destiny’s Favorite Child – 2018

Empowered Women Empower Women – 2019

Soulful Letters On Covid To My Future Grandchild -2020

To read more about Roma’s works visit her blog:

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Hit Points

The book ‘ I Live To Love You’ carries plenty of emotions and every bit hails for the power of true love. The author has brilliantly used the snippets of Bollywood Hindi Songs that Aaradhya plays to feel her missing husband Shamit around. Which is also one of the symbols of their love of good days. The pain of a wife and her firm belief in her bond of love will surely give you goosebumps. I loved how every character has been portrayed as independent, ambitious, creative in their own way that every reader can easily relate to them in the 21st century. The author well knows the art of playing with words in detailing the beauty of characters, scenes, and the plot. I am highly impressed with the flawless transition of the conversation between the narrator(Riya) and the present scenes in the book.

Miss Points

Personally, I did not find anything amiss in the book. On the contrary, it is the perfect concoction of true love, committed relationships, friendships, career, hope, belief, honest confession, and understanding of the generation gap. Although I would also mention few chapters at the end, I cited the flow of the story suddenly went by so quickly, quite different from the rhythm of the initial chapters.

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I keep the Romantic saga ‘I Live To Love You’ under the category of ‘Must Read Book.’ Preferable to the age group of 14+. If you are an avid reader of romantic stories, this book will live up to all your expectations. The language of the book is easy to understand. I will give a 4.5 out of 5 ratings to one of the best romantic thrillers I have read.

Chit Chat Corner With Author Roma

Q.1 What inspired you the most to pen down on the particular subject or genre?
Roma ~ I love fiction. This is my 6th book and I have been meaning to write a soulful romantic thriller for some time now. The plot has lived in my mind for over two years. Aiming to let people forget the pandemic woes at least for the time they are reading my book, I decided to weave this straight from the heart love story.

Q.2 Have you ever gotten writer’s block?How you overcome it?

Roma ~ Yes, I had run out of ideas at some critical turning points in my writings. I don’t let the writer’s block build on me though and just take a day’s break and sleep over it. In no time I get back to normal.

Q.3 What is the best advice you would like to give to budding writers?
Roma ~ Be honest in your writings; your honesty reflects in your work and shall the heart of your readers for sure. Don’t be afraid, and have full faith in your art. Experiment, research, and practice, all these shall help you evolve in your craft.

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  2. I have read her all her post fie this series in A2Z challenge. She is a wonderful writer and totally loved this book. I liked your short author’s interview in the last .

  3. Radhika Jindal

    I liked your chit-chat questions with Roma. I appreciate your detailed review of the book as well. I read no romantic thriller genre book. This was the first time when I read her blogs and I loved the way she curated the suspense. Soon, I’ll download the book and share my reviews.

  4. The Other Brain Inc.

    Roma Gupta Sinha is a dear friend of mine. She is an excellent writer and all her books till now are very successful. I have read a few chapters of this book too and would love to read the entire book.

  5. I’ve followed this entire story and loved how it unfolded in the end. It is emotional with generous sprinkling of suspense too. It’s a treat for fiction lovers!

  6. I have the book downloaded, as Roma is a dear friend and a wonderful author. Glad to read the crisp review you have shared with us here, it piqued my creativity multiple folds now.

  7. I have always loved the writing of this author and she knows how to work with a love story. I am definitely eager to read this one, adding it to my soon-to-read list.

  8. I read Roma’s Book, filled with so many emotions and romance. Love the way she narrated the whole story of both characters.

  9. Aawww this review is so precious to me my dear because i know it came straight from the heart. Thank you so much it really means a lot buddy.

  10. Nice and candid review. “I Live to Love You,” sounds like a really good romantic novel. The story of three friends and the upheavals in their lives has the makings of a good plot.

  11. I love the write up by Roma, I am gonna grab a copy of this book soon. The genre is my fav and I cant wait to get started already

  12. I loved the book and liked the way author expressed each emotion so effortlessly . I personally love reading romantic thriller and this is definitely an apt read. Loved your review Archana.

  13. I have read a couple of the posts from the book in the A2Z challenge. She is a wonderful writer and bringing the fiction characters to life is a skill. I liked how you combined the book review with the short author’s interview

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