Book Review: ‘Bloggers Unplugged’ By Ruchi Verma #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

Book Title : Bloggers Unplugged

Published By: Blogchatter

Author : Ruchi Verma

Format: Ebook

Genre: Non- Fiction

Language: English

Pages: 52

Rating: 4.5/5

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About Book

Book Cover: Bloggers Unplugged By Ruchi Verma

“Bloggers Unplugged” is the second ebook by Ruchi Verma. She wrote this book with the major impetus by letting the people know about all the factors behind a successful blog, the amount of sweat and hard work a blogger put towards her/his work to mark the presence in the highly competitive world of blogging.

Begin with the book’s book cover; the well-designed cover page has many technical terms written in bold letters. These are the key factors that every person in the blogging world must know. Where technical terms create a little chaos in the mind of a layman, right there, the catchy tagline ’26 Lessons From Bloggers Life’ takeovers the attention of readers, that Yeah! This book contains not something but innumerable things about blogging! An image of a sophisticated, confident lady clearly says, ‘when you know everything that you do, you feel more confident, and it reflects in your persona’. Do I need to mention that the author has smartly, mindfully crafted the book cover?

About Author

Ruchi Verma is a well-known and multiple award-winning Blogger listed among the 50 topmost influential content marketing professionals and Certified Teen parenting practitioners. She started her blogging journey as she wanted to share and learn with everyone. 7 years in this blogging journey she learned a lot, and this book is her dream to share back the knowledge with others that she gained.

My Review

This book is a delightful read for everyone, blogger or non-blogger, who wonders what bloggers actually do. The book Blogger Unplugged contains 26 chapters where the author has well-tried to cover almost every aspect of the blogging journey from starting the Blog, Theme, Views, SEO, Media Kit, Yoast, Linky parties, etc., uniquely. All chapters are synchronized alphabetically. Every chapter’s content is divided into 4 parts graphics, pointers, secret tips, and the conclusion. The pointers to channelize the essential activities related to blogging shared by the author are bang on; I must say I, too, have noted down a few. Language is easy to understand. Moreover, in a few words author has managed to explain the profusion of blogging terms.

Sharing the glimpses of few pointers from the book, which truly belongs to the author Ruchi Verma (founder of, and I hold no possession of it.

Image and content Credit:
Image and content credit:

Hit Points

In the book ‘Bloggers Unplugged,‘ the Graphic Works that the author has used to explain the terms in every chapter is the book’s real paramount. It shows the extensive research and creativity of the author. Along with graphics, the tinge of humor in every chapter is the icing on the cake. Actually, it made me believe that the difficult technical terms can be understood at ease with the ingenious presentation, which indeed reflects the master skill of the author Ruchi Verma.

Sharing the glimpses of few graphics from the book, which truly belongs to the author Ruchi Verma (founder of, and I hold no possession of it.

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Miss Points

Honestly, I did not get any point missed from the point of view of a budding blogger. However, this book certainly claims only the basics of technical terms required to grow a blog gradually. Though I wish few chapters on some essential terms like keyword search, backlinks, do-follow, and no-follow, I could have more elaboration. The font size could have been a bit larger.

My Verdict

Assuredly, “Bloggers Unplugged” is one of the books I will keep with myself forever also would happily recommend it to the people who look up to me for a clue to step into the blogging world. On account of language, offering, and demonstration, I will give a 4.5 out of 5 ratings to ‘Bloggers Unplugged’. I wish all the success in the future to Ruchi Verma for her book.

In addition to that, I would like to mention that Ruchi Verma is one of the members who direct indirect inspired me to get into Blogging. I personally admire her work, her skillful engagements over social media, and of course, her ready-to-help attitude.

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Chit Chat Corner With The Author Ruchi

Q.1 What inspired you the most to pen down on the particular subject or genre?

Ruchi ~ Inspiration if you ask me then there are so many people behind this book..first, those my dear relatives and friends who are my critics and thought “Blogging is just a time pass and for free stuff”, I really wanted to let them know the hard work goes behind one post and maintaining blog.
Secondly, my co-bloggers and community pushed me, directly and indirectly, to share what I know and then my those set of friends and followers who wanted to start a blog but have no clue where to and how-to, this is a small effort to share my little knowledge to everyone who wants to be a blogger or learn more about blogging.

Q.2 Have you ever gotten writer’s block?How do you overcome it?

Ruchi ~ Yes, many times..I take a break, and then think about what is right for my audience and start again writing.

Q.3 What is the best advice you would like to give to budding writers?

Ruchi ~ Write, leave, visit again, rewrite, leave, revisit, and publish it if you love what you have written. Remember…”There is no shortcut for success, just hard work.”

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