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DAY 1 – Acceptance with Adaptability

Acceptance and Adaptability are the two faces of a single coin, which plays a significant role in one’s life.In fact these are the threshold of a Lively Life.

Receiving a gift always gives immense pleasure. Amidst of customs of giving and taking, dealing with the rush of our schedule, in competing with surrounded society/workplace somehow, we almost forget about the gift we already carrying 24*7 365 days right from the moment we came to the world and i.e A Blissful Life, what we remember only Life! Feel of this starts with the acceptance of ourselves in our own view in the way we actually are,

Acceptance never meant to be simply folding hands or in the pockets and watching the situation its an acknowledgment of the facts and deciding your moves accordingly.

Acceptance is all about knowing yourself inside out in the best possible way. Once you understand your ability, your potential, beauty of your own body, thoughts, the demand of time and expected behavior of your own, etc., that alignment of your body and soul starts giving you a power of Adaptability. Adaptability is ready for a change by getting rid of own rigidity, removing all the stiffness of thoughts for surviving in the world via outstanding pathway.we are very well aware of Darwin’s theory

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin


So live your life on your own conditions though there would be countless problems continuing to come in day to day life only the thing through which you would be able to deal with, is your own strength of acceptance to understand the problem first and to decide your moves through your strength of adaptability

Let’s accept our own identity wholeheartedly by knowing what we have, what we are, what we could be to thrive ourselves with the best version of adaptability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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37 thoughts on “#BlogchatterA2Z Acceptance&Adaptability”

  1. Loved reading your post. Indeed acceptance leads to many more opportunities. If one is ready to adapt himself to the given situation, he will definitely be a better human being

  2. True, acceptance and adaptability is key to any problem. This helps to understand your problem in a better way and find solutions. Denial mode never helps you. A very positive post .

  3. Accepting and adapting are two very essential things and a lack of it is the root cause of many problems. Loved reading your post and thanks for the reminder.

  4. What a great blog.yes accepting and adapting the situation one can best live life .If we have to live in peace and happy these 2 things need to be done.otherwise life will be difficult ..days will be gloomy..jiyo tho Shaan se..jiyo tho ji jaan se..

  5. I always listen to the sound What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong to remind me what a blessed life we have. It helps me in acceptance.

  6. with best version of adaptability.. wow! u expressed it so well. there is a thin line difference between adaptability and compromise… so when one knows and accepts one’s own identity, the adaptability wil automatically be there..

  7. beautiful thouhts.. acceptance is hard to come by, those who do accept themselves, others and the situations are the happiest ones. most of us only try fighting within ourselves.

  8. I completely agree with you archana..and in fact, I had started this practice in my day to day life. indeed. sometimes we have to accept the things and situations the way they are. and this personality trait helps a lot in getting adjust with adverse situations. I had missed reading your A2Z posts at that time..having a good time while reading it now.

  9. I liked the way you defined acceptance and adaptability and their relation too. Agree with your thoughts. What I feel is people today are not spending much time on knowing themselves and confused about their moves and finally trying to adjust with those moves . It shows they are flexible adaptable but how can be as the start itself is wrong.

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