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“MS Dhoni: The Untold Story” a biographical movie requires no caption, no introduction, no clues like Helicopter Shot, Captain Cool haha isn’t it? Initially, I was quite unsure to take this one of my favorites on my list reason a slight thought was resisting me “what I could write new or different about MS Dhoni a Captain Cool of the Indian cricket team, who already has millions of fans across the globe and knowing much more than me about him. Eventually, a Ziddi Mann inside me shouted at me said” Bollywood movies character and lessons will remain incomplete if I skip mentioning the life of a great cricketer Mahi in Bollywood style”, so here I am with my Letter “M” which is dedicated to MS DHONI, talking about this movie it would be very selfish if I forget to applause the Knockout performance of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, personified the legend, MS Dhoni, on Screen so perfectly. This movie has succeeded to amalgamate both the audiences in one theatre a movie lovers and a cricket lovers , this was the time when a cricketer did not conquer only on the field but box office also.


Mahi (Sushant Singh Rajput) is a goalkeeper in a school football team. A school sports teacher Banerjee Sir (Rajesh Sharma) spots him while practicing on the field he asked Mahi to join his cricket team and made him practice for wicketkeeper daily after school, gradually Mahi worked on his fineness of batting also by following the instructions of his coach he extends his stride to the state-level cricketer. In between he kept playing for Ranji trophy then Duleep trophy, his dreams were big, he tried all his luck to reach the National Indian cricket team but nothing seems to be worked in favor, on his father’s advice and wish Mahi took up a job in Indian Railways as a ticket collector at Kharagpur station but also kept his practice on by playing cricket for the railways, later he followed his instincts, resigned from the job and get into the full-fledged practice where after 4 years, he got selected in the Indian Cricket team and the rest is HISTORY.


1). Follow your Instincts, don’t give up on your dreams, no matter how long it takes to become a reality only your passion will decide your future, choose it rationally.

2). Captain cool taught us how to stay calm despite surrounded by extreme pressure, the art of dealing with criticism and admiration so wisely determines the firmness in your working area. 

3). Stay grounded and be grateful for all the helping hands that hold you in the time of need, in the movie we witnessed how Mahi was blessed with the true friendships that too not one but so many, in spite of after becoming cricket star his way to talking and sharing with his friends never get changed.

4). Be courageous enough to accept your mistakes and laborious enough to work on it.

5). Appreciate your opponent but don’t let their presence overpower you mentally or physically, the moment where Yuvraj Singh’s mere full of attitude walk was capable enough to shook the Mahi and team’s spirit.

6). The most important lesson, especially for today’s generation, Studies are equally important, do follow your passion but not on the opportunity cost of education, this movie has a strong message that one can balance the both successfully if he/she wants to.


That is all for today see you tomorrow with another magnificent character. Till then have a happy reading, leave with your comments and promise to be back tomorrow!!





**If you missed reading my post on Letter “L”

**This post is for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge Letter M**


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38 thoughts on “Untold Story of extraordinary Railway ticket collector MAHI #A2ZofBollywood”

  1. This one is one of the most amazing movie of recent era and I loved the way Dhoni ( Sushant singh) works hard, achieve his dreams and still remains so grounded and down the earth. I can watch this movie multiple times, because of amazing story line.

  2. Even I loved this movie. It had many life lessons that act as a guiding star for all. There is no gain without pain.Successful person reach heights because of their determination and perseverance.I must appreciate your picks.

  3. I loved this movie. Its a must watch for young generation. Success doesn’t come easily. One has to strive hard for it and there is no end to learning.

  4. I am such a MSD fan that the year when CSK was not in IPL is didn’t watch the season. My phone’s ring was Whistle podu for many ipl seasons. It was embarrassing at work, but fangiri full on hai.

  5. A very very beautiful movie and its songs are always on my lips. Mahi stole my heart in the movie and even inspired me with his perseverance. Once again the life lessons are well jotted down. thanks.

  6. Noor Anand Chawla

    Dhoni’s story is super inspirational, especially because its true. There are very few stories of phenomenal success like this in real life!

  7. I was most impressed by point 5. Even when I watched the movie, I realised how MS DHONI never got intimidated by Yuvraj Singh while all his team mates were in his awe. That’s called confidence in your own capabilities. Good one this choice for M

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