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 “Be unique instead of best. Because being best just makes you no. 1, but being unique makes you the only one!”

“Embrace your uniqueness. Time is much too short to be living someone else’s life”.    Kobi Yamada  

Explore your identity which you can say purely owned by you .Have you ever felt the power of being in your own tashan? When you say, “I don’t care. This is how I am and I love it!”, it adds a lot of weight to you and your personality. Owning your own unique character is a prime accelerator of one’s confidence level. Each person has their own unique whim,a special trait , that you may have learned ,but feel like these are not the best qualities you could own, you may want to detach from those skills, but the truth is you should embrace those parts of speciality of yourself. You need to claim and accept them high headed , so you can reach your potential and share those skills with others.

Being different,being unique is always beautiful as well as daring .It is a state of standing out from other common crowd. This could be the personality,course of action, beliefs, morals,values anything. There has been more than forty presidents in America, but; Abraham Lincoln stands out as the one who freed slaves. William Shakespeare’s writings were unique from those time writers and this is the reason we remember him today.

You will meet plenty of people in your life, following the common steps society,struggling to fix their position in the crowd with the baggage of FEAR of being LEFT OUT from the so called circle/society,without thinking for a once about their values,their views; they are happy in proving their false presence, by killing the uniqueness of their personality and thoughts ,but in life we remember only those who hold their unique quality not the crowd. Thats why FOR ME UNIQUENESS IS A COURSE OF ACTION OF DARE WITH SUSTAINABILITY INTO THE CROWD MORE THAN A TRAIT TO EMBRACE. Save your happiness by reconizing your unique quality ,work on it and conquer the world of inner happiness.

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Disclaimer-:Images source and some of contents from internet ,some my own beliefs and experiences.

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