#Decade BlogHop #RRxMM ऐ दशक तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

ऐ दशक तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

Starting with my heartiest Thanks to MANAS and RASHI for bringing this fabulous unique BlogHop Themed “DECADES” for us.

I used to write a piece of thought, quite some time, from my school days, anything which I felt to express used to pen it, this habit of writing inherited in me from my dad, who used to maintain his diary on daily basis.

Writing about my decade journey was like moving the mountain in the way Salman Khan did in Tubelight Movie, which only I feel its moving but in actual it wasn’t. Hehehe!!! but somehow accepted the challenge braverly. The day, Manas and Rashi have announced about BlogHop, max of the time I found myself, wearing a coat and cap of Director/writer, in the feel of, making my own movie named DECADE, jotted down on few topics, (like why to worry, I will definitely succeed in searching the best topic to write on), what next, just relax mode on; And the entry of myth-buster took place, as 21st Jan 2020 morning hit, I was like ohh !!! How perfectly I prepared my script by burning the midnight oil, Gosh!!!! The movie (topic what I was thinking of) has already released and undoubtedly, in the best way from so many outstanding blogger buddies, and wait!! here the final show starts, my so-called jot down list getting shorter and shorter till it reached zero !!!!!!

So finally decided to share my decade journey and it’s highs and lows in few lines of my poem. , nothing is new, nothing more achieved as I still feel like a newcomer and every single day brings one more opportunity for me to learn something new. I had never been so ambitious about my career/life but yes, I always dreamt of spreading my wings in an open sky and fly high with whatever I had in my hands few or more. I lived my decade wholeheartedly, with the mix flavors of all colors of life, happiness, sadness, frustration, good/bad surprises, mistakes, and so on……..

So concluding my decade story’s cherishable moments in the form of poetry and that’s too in Hindi…

कुछ खोया है कुछ पाया है , ज़िन्दगी के बेमिसाल सालों को मैंने खुशनुमा यादों में पिरोया हैं
लम्हो ने कभी कुंठाग्रस्त किया ,कभी संयम को हथियार बना
ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

काशी की नगरी से उठकर ,विक्टोरिया के गलियारों तक ,दगडू सेठ से बाजीराव शनिवार वाड़ा तक सब एक किया
सुन, ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

शहर बदला दुनिया बदली ,सुन्दर जीवन की शुरुआत हुई ,ये उन् दिनों की बात हैं जब ख्वाबों ने पाँव पसारा है
ऐ दशक, तू सुन रहा है ना, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया है

अल्हड़ सी थी मैं जोश जेहन में लेकर चली ,कौतुहल की गगरी लिए एक आशियां नया बसाया हैं
ऐ दशक, मैंने कहा ,तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया हैं

क्रिकेट की दुनिया में जब धोनी का सिक्का चलता था जहाँ उसकी शादी पर ना जाने कितनों का दिल भी टूटा था
हर गली मोहल्ले में खुशियों का बिगुल बजा जब वर्ल्ड कप घर आया ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

समय बहुत था ,रास्ता नया था अधूरे सपनों को फिरसे आँखों में बसाया है
रब दी सौ ,ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया हैं

साल पर साल बढ़ते हुए , Full Time तो नहीं पर Guest Faculty बनकर काम का शुभारम्भ किया
मेरे शिक्षा का संसार भी अपनी गति से चल पड़ा ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

हर पल कुछ सिखने का खुद से किया एक वादा था
डांस,हो या करियर उस दौर में सबका आगाज़ हुआ
ऐ दशक,सच में ,तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

वक़्त के उस मोड़ पर एक दोस्त प्यारा छोड़ गया ,मेरे जन्मदिन के कुछ लम्हों से पहले वो इस दुनिया से उस दुनिया में विलीन हुआ
ऐ दशक, इस बार तूने रूला दिया ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।

ये समय है जनाब हंसने रोने का इस पर ना कभी असर होगा,लो ले आया पैगाम एक नए महाद्वीप की ओर रुख करने का
ऐ दशक, तूने दिल भारी कर दिया।

एक और है सर्दी आयी,पर समय का पहरा उल्टा है रात और दिन ने हेरा फेरी करके अपनी जगह से खेला है
एक बार फिरसे, ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया है

खट्टी मीठी यादों से एक दशक ख़तम होने को आया
कुछ प्रियजनों से छूटा एक बार फिरसे साथ,कुछ साथ नया हिस्से में आया
फिर भी, ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया

This was all about my journey from 2010 -2020. And the journey goes on……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have A Happy Decade Ahead!!!!!!!!

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101 thoughts on “#Decade BlogHop #RRxMM ऐ दशक तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया”

  1. Wow! That poetry was the cherry on the cake 🙂 Enjoyed reading your post and your journey that you have beautifully summed up in the form of an amazing poetry. Am so happy you decided to join the blog hop and shared this beautiful piece with us:)

    1. Glad to know that you liked it Rashi, Thank you so much for your words and for giving me an opportunity to pen down my journey of decades,feeling motivated.

  2. The beginning of the write up is crafted so well than it kept me hooked. And I absolutely loved the poem. It was as if I lived those Yaadien with you.

  3. Kudos for such fabulous thoughts and writing. May we all live life to the fullest and revel in each moment, always. All the best for the next decade filled with more life in each moment.

  4. lovely. what a hold on Hindi. We often talk in Hindi but writing something like this need s courage girl. Think of writing more in Hindi. Hoping to read more of your Hindi posts in future.

  5. hats off to you for pulling out such beautiful words in Hindi. It took some time to read this, but read I did. I loved how you have brought about the contrast in similar aspects of everything.

  6. Noor Anand Chawla

    Wow Archana I am so impressed with your Hindi and your poetry skills! I must admit, I’m not proficient in reading Hindi and some of your lovely words were hard for me to understand, but from the last line, it is evident that you lived this decade wholeheartedly!

  7. I’m terrible with Hindi but I did read your poem completely! I loved certain words that you used. It was like magic! Tight hugs to you and what’s life without a few ups and downs!

  8. Wow, how beautifully you shared your decade’s journey in these lines, padh k bahut acha laga. A line which deeply touched, Ae dashak tujhe maine dil se lgaya hai. Kitna sahi hai, dekha jaye to hum sabhi ne us beete huye dashak ko dil se lgaya hai chahe us samay ne kitna hi hasaya ho ya rulaya ho. Loved reading your poem!

  9. ऐ ब्लॉगर हमें ये दिलसे पसंद आया।
    सुंधर लिखते हो,
    क्या पाया क्या खोया,
    लेकिन आपने अपना ही एक मार्ग बनाया है।

    और लिकिएगा
    हमारे तरफ से हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।

  10. आपके काव्य वर्णन सचमुच अद्भुत है! जान कर हर्ष हुआ की आपको यह दशक पूर्णतः जीने का मौका मिला। आशा है आगे भी आप हिंदी के गद्य और पद्य से पाठकों को हर्षित करती रहेंगीं! रोहित वर्मा Rohit Verma

  11. कभी ख़ुशी कभी ग़म !
    कोई मिल गया तो कहीं कोई छूट गया !
    यही सच है जिंदगी का !
    दिल खोल के ज़िंदगी जियो यही दुआ है आप के लिए !

    Superb poem

  12. Such a beautiful post and the poetry at the end is the icing on the cake, you should write more in Hindi as you have a strong hold of the language and way with words. It was lovely reading your journey.

  13. Beautifully described your journey dear. Especially from Kashi to Bajiro Shaniera wada. Loved the poetic style of expression. The last stanza is very touching and all I can say is that you have really lived a worthwhile decade. Best wishes for the new decade !!

  14. It was such a beautiful poem! Native language has its own flair for sure.
    We learn something every day. The day we stop learning, we stop growing. And, isn’t life all about living it to the fullest?
    Best wishes for the decade. 🙂 

  15. Thoroughly enjoyed it! With all the highs and lows, I loved the positivity that exuded from your words. I enjoy reading Hindi poetry and would definitely be following your blog.

  16. Since my hindi is a little weak (learnt from Bollywood and tv serials😝) I had to read it twice. And I’m glad I took the effort. Loved it.
    I loved the concluding line which sums up each verse – ae dashak, maine tujhe dil se jiya…. rula diya….. and bhari kar diya!!!! You’ve done well with your writer/director cap. I think I’ll borrow it some day!! Well done!! 👍👍

  17. Wow! Just wow. Some of those words you’ve used are so beautiful and heartwarming. And kavita ki flow bhi itni anokhi hai, that it’s almost musical. Khoob likhte ho, aur aise hi likhte raho.

  18. Wow archana.. what a response to prompt..I think one of the best and outstanding..loved the way you had narrated the journey of last decade with beautiful words..love the tag line, “A dashak tujhe maine dil se jiya hai..”. one more thing, your poem has made me nostalgic too. here in USA, I rarely get a chance to listen pure and beautiful hindi. your post reminded me my school days where we friends used to participate in various hindi related competitions. all the best for new decade and it is really great to get connected with you.

    1. Thank you for your words and wishes, Glad to hear, that you liked it Surbhi and through this Hindi version somewhere you could revive your memories of sweet childhood. 🙂

  19. Maza aa Gaya padhkar. Bilkul mere type ka post hai. Jo feelings poem ke through kam shabdo mein express ho hati hai vo shayad 1000 words ke article main Bhi Nahi ho pati. Ye Mera manna hai. Mai Bhi poetry ke through apna decade experience share karna chahti thi pale par baad mein kinhi vajhon se mix kar diya.

    1. Your words made my day Deepika, Completely Agree with you , have read your poems, must say you are too good at it, I also love to express my thoughts through poetry thank you so much for your words. 🙂

  20. Lovely and catchy heading and the lovely poem too. U(Writer-Director) have indeed done justice to the decade by burning midnight oil and presenting this piece.
    फिर भी, ऐ दशक, तुझे मैंने दिल से जिया is a very positive line in itself that says live every day fully and completely.

  21. Bahut Acha Likha Aapne . Apke dost se bicharne Ka dukh hua . Par sukh dukh dono sath sath chalte Hain . Jeevan chalne Ka naam chalte raho subaho sham ……

  22. Your decade in verse—a beautiful compilation of your fondest and most touching memories last decade!

    What is most important is how you accepted, embraced, and lived them.

    And you did that the best way—dil se! 🙂

    1. It’s not only an honest and heartfelt recap of your decade but a post brimming with positivity. You have had your shares of lows but you are positive and happy and in love with your last decade. Wishing you a great decade ahead